Career orientation and coaching (Loopbaanorientatie en Begeleiding – LOB) contains the whole of choaching and activities with which the school supports young people during their VMBO, HAVO / VWO of MBO education in making career choices. The guidance of the school is aimed at developing a competences of the young person through the five career competences: competence reflection, motivational reflection, work exploration, career self-management and networking.

Importance of LOB

The importance of LOB is because the labor market is changing and with that the professions change content and / or disappear faster. This requires future employees (current pupils and students) a flexible participation in the ever-changing labor market. It is important to prepare them for this by paying attention in their training to the development of career competencies and thus to the work identity of the pupil / student. In this way they are better able to (continue to) manage their own career, now and in the future.